Do Fresh Ingredients Make A Difference?

fresh vegetables

When you walk into our restaurant, you’re hit with the incredible smell of freshly cooked Mexican food. One of the reasons we take great pride in our food is the use of fresh quality ingredients. Would it be easier effective to use frozen or processed foods, probably, but we want the best food for our customers. So, does using fresh vegetables and foods make a difference? Yes, it does.

Who wants processed foods?

When you walk down the frozen food aisle at a supermarket, there are countless entrees available to shove into a microwave, but would you want to eat that at a restaurant?  Processed foods are just that…processed. They are harvested or created and then precooked, covered in preservatives and sent on their merry way. While the health impacts of processed foods are still in debate, the one thing everyone can agree is they don’t taste nearly as good as fresh food.

Frozen vegetables

When most people think about frozen foods, they’re thinking more about vegetables than anything else. Frozen vegetables are harvested and then frozen, ideally, soon after being picked. They’re then shipped across the country in trucks, trains, ships and the occasional stork, but end up in many restaurants and grocery stores. Frozen vegetables won’t cut it here at Jalapenos. When you see our guacamole on the table, know that we didn’t thaw it out in the back. We get fresh avocados, cut them open and create a mouthwatering guacamole from scratch. Leave the frozen vegetables to that brick of peas in your freezer and come here for fresh ingredients.

The Jalapenos difference

When you come to our restaurant or pick up an order, you expect a certain quality. You could be home trying to choke down a microwave burrito, but you wanted something better. You wanted something that tasted amazing and we’re here to deliver. We know the best food comes from the best ingredients and that’s exactly what we use at Jalapenos.