Corn vs. Flour Tortillas: What’s the Difference?

I’m sure several people are confused when we ask if they want corn or flour tortillas for their tacos. People may choose one or the other without knowing what the differences really are. We use both of these types for our many dishes, but we thought we’d give you an overview so you can make…

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It’s Taco and Margarita Weather!

It seemed like winter would stay forever as temperatures and even snow intruded into late April here in the Illinois Valley. Our wait is finally over and warm temperatures are finally here. It’s time to break out the shorts and say good riddance to cabin fever with tacos and margaritas at Jalapenos. Grab Food on…

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Trade In The Thanksgiving Turkey For Tacos

Trade in turkey for tacos

It’s that time of year again when homes fill up with the smell of pumpkin spice and everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving dinner. Anyone that has hosted a Thanksgiving dinner knows the time and effort it takes to cook and prepare a turkey. Why bother with all that hassle when you can give everyone what…

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The Fajita Effect

the fajita effect

You’re at the restaurant staring down at the menu and just can’t decide what Mexican dish to get. The Chimi is a favorite and so is the arroz con pollo, but you just can’t decide…then you hear it. The waiter exits the kitchen with a cast iron skillet sizzling with steak, chicken and vegetables. The…

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Winter is Coming: Eat Mexican Food

Illinois Valley Winter

If you look outside, the leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping fast. It won’t be long before the ground is covered in snow and you have more layers than a seven layer burrito. It’s times like this when you crave hot chocolate, but winter was made for Mexican food. What? Don’t believe me?…

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Do Fresh Ingredients Make A Difference?

fresh vegetables

When you walk into our restaurant, you’re hit with the incredible smell of freshly cooked Mexican food. One of the reasons we take great pride in our food is the use of fresh quality ingredients. Would it be easier effective to use frozen or processed foods, probably, but we want the best food for our…

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The Amazing Avocado


How many times have you tasted guacamole and thought it was the best food ever created. There’s something magical about guacamole and that amazing ingredient is the avocado. It’s Mother Nature’s perfect fruit that’s not only amazingly delicious, but also healthy and truly unique.  Everyone knows that avocados are healthy, lower cholesterol, etc., but here…

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Health Benefits of Mexican Food

We all know that Mexican food tastes and looks great, but did you know that it’s got a ton of health benefits too? Mexican food is often a mix of delicious meats and vegetables that create a symphony of taste and sensation that benefits your body. Beans What Mexican dish would be complete without a…

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